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Online Fresh Culinary products and wares from Good Earth Farms.

Big Red Nuts


A deeper flavor…

At first glance, there’s a mild shock when first seeing the rich color of a red walnut meat. Once taking a closer look at the culinary benefits of the Big Red Nut, there’s a pleasant surprise. Food enthusiasts have found that the curiosity around the Big Red Nut from customers creates an stronger engagement for their products.

From snack to center of the plate…

From snack to center of the plate…


More healthy than your average nut!

“Similar to the English walnut but bolder and less bitter The lower tannin content leads to less astringency on the tongue. This allows for the creamy texture and natural nutty flavor to shine, without distraction”


Many describe them as having a sweet and buttery taste, in the vein of macadamia. Some say they taste milder or mellow, but that’s because there’s less of the bitter tannins. The actual nut flavor will be stronger in the red.

People who try them generally conclude it’s their favorite type.

There are other colored varieties too:

  • Yolo Red, which is another variety created by UC Davis that is buttery and less bitter, just like the Robert Livermore.

  • Red Zinger, which is the informal name for that unusual parent of the Robert Livermore.

  • Red Danube (Rouge de la Donan) which originates from the wild forests of Austria.

While the Robert Livermore and Yolo taste great, the Zinger, Danube, and other wild variations from Europe have yet-to-be cultivated. That means they’re a bit ugly and tend to have a bitter flavor. You can’t buy them commercially in the US. You might see them sold by farmers and foragers in the United Kingdom and France, among other European nations.