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Online Fresh Culinary products and wares from Good Earth Farms.

About Us

Over the years we often get asked about our name…It’s misleading, because at first it is just an easy-going timeless lifestyle more prevalent from the past century… and originally this was why we ventured into a very special piece of geography in N. California.

Sustainability through Traditional Cultural Practices

Sustainability through Traditional Cultural Practices

But on day one we learned that it’s not a destination, rather that we are journeying on a deal…a firm handshake between mother nature and our fumbling green hands.  When we started there were pumpkins, grapes and rotations of wheat fields.  Today we have row crops and orchards, acres and acres of corn dedicated to preserve the cycle of wildlife from ground critters to ducks.

At first, seemingly tranquil and static, we learned that the farm has been in constant change since our first planting.  But for mother earth this is just a brief moment among millions of revolutions and evolution.

The “good” in our name is misleading too.   It’s really about being “fortunate” to be rooted in the lowest part of a fertile valley that drains to the sea, allowing for coastal winds to create nightly dormant microclimates…this is not only good, it’s great, it’s inspiring!

It became apparent that we had more than a unique opportunity to produce quality in large quantities… and variety amidst abundance, we had a daunting obligation.  Our handshake was really based on keeping a balance between the constant change, learning the secrets to sustainability.  Rotating crops to replenish, and planting beneficiaries to maintain the balance…its part of the deal, the commitment.

You’ll see this in our flagship product Red Walnuts.  The San Joaquin Valley marriage of a unique but natural occurring feature of a red nut with an old world french wood.  This was crafted from the great minds of Berkeley farms (UC Davis) grafted through traditional cultural practices for larger production.

The natural color is not a dye, and serves as an indicator for you to know that you are engaging in an elevated brand not a commodity.  The deeper flavor of this walnut, equaled by its health benefits is your culinary topper, or grab and go snack.

So Good Earth Farms is about nurturing and iterating agricultural growth for discovering opportunities to produce unparalleled products for you and your world.